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Our Founder


“Where students, teacher, and families can DO anything and BE anything!


In the heart of North Las Vegas, amidst the vibrant ZIP codes of 89030, 89031, 89032, and 89081, lies the genesis of a dream. Do & Be Arts Academy of Excellence (DBAE) stands as a beacon of hope and innovation, a place where the boundless potential of young minds is nurtured and cultivated. Founded on the pillars of creativity, identity, and community, DBAE is not just a school; it is a vision brought to life by the passion and dedication of our founder, Shambrion Treadwell.


As we stand on the threshold of welcoming our inaugural classes for fall 2024, we envision a journey that transcends the conventional boundaries of education. Our dream is to see these young learners, twenty-five years from now, as thriving 30+ year-olds who embody the essence of what DBAE stands for. We imagine them as individuals who have been profoundly shaped by the rich tapestry of experiences, challenges, and triumphs encountered within our walls.


At DBAE, we dream of our students as leaders and innovators, individuals who possess the courage to think creatively and act boldly. We see them as compassionate citizens of the world, who recognize the power of diversity and the strength that comes from embracing differences. Our hope is that the lessons of empathy, critical thinking, and resilience learned at DBAE will guide them as they navigate the complexities of life, empowering them to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Our vision extends beyond academic excellence; it encompasses the holistic development of every child. We envision a future where our students, fueled by their passions and guided by their identity, lead the charge in creating vibrant, inclusive communities. Through the integration of visual and performing arts, arts-integrated academics, and project-based learning, DBAE aims to unlock the unique potential within each student, encouraging them to explore, discover, and express themselves in ways that bring about meaningful change.


To our funders, families, teachers, and volunteers, this is an invitation to join us on this transformative journey. Your support, dedication, and belief in our mission are the bedrock upon which the future of DBAE and its students will be built. Together, we can create an environment where every child is empowered to do and be anything they aspire to be.


DBAE is poised to be the future arts and learning center of North Las Vegas, a place where dreams are nurtured, and futures are forged. As we look forward to the next 25 years, we are filled with hope and excitement for the legacies our students will create. Let us unite in our commitment to cultivate a generation of learners who are not only prepared to face the world but are also equipped to enrich it with their creativity, identity, and sense of community. Join us as we embark on this journey to inspire, empower, and transform.

Shambrion Treadwell, M. Ed.

Founder & Executive Director

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